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A bespoke skincare clinic in Downtown Santa Rosa, California

Welcome to Skin Care by Alison, where compassion meets expertise, and the ultimate goal is you loving your skin.

Person under a red LED treatment panel with vibroacoustic scalp massager on their scalp
LED Therapy plus 20Hz scalp massage

Elevate Your Skin Health with a Unique Approach

At Skin Care by Alison, we blend clinical precision with integrative care to create customized skincare treatments that go beyond surface-level beauty.  Our philosophy focuses on the synergy between clinical methods and integrative wellness, ensuring that your skin not only looks good but feels healthy and balanced.

Corneotherapy:  Strengthening Your Skin’s Foundation

I specialize in coreneotherapy, a groundbreaking approach that improves the health, balance, and strength of your skin.  By addressing the root cause of skin issues, we ensure long-term health and vitality for your skin.

Clinical Expertise: Targeting Symptoms with Precision

Our clinical treatments are symptom-focused, using advanced techniques and products to address specific skin concerns effectively. Whether you’re dealing with acne, hyperpigmentation, aging, or sensitivity, our expertise ensures precise, effective results.

Integrative Care: Holistic Approach to Skin Wellness

I believe that true skin health involves addressing the entire person. Our integrative approach considers your stress levels, overall health, habits, and mindset to create a comprehensive skincare plan. We understand that your skin is a reflection of your overall well-being.

Customized Routines Aligned with Your Body’s Natural Rhythms

Your skincare routine should work with your body’s natural circadian rhythms. We design personalized regimens for both day and night to optimize protection and repair.

Experience the Difference

Our high-touch approach ensures that each facial treatment incorporates extensive massage techniques to promote relaxation and enhance skin benefits. No two treatments are the same, as we tailor every session to your unique needs.

Ready to transform your skin and overall well-being? Book an appointment today and discover how our unique approach can give you radiant, healthy skin that lasts.

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Alison in 2022, Age 51

Our Services

Each treatment is a custom experience that addresses your specific concerns.  Learn more about our offerings here.

About Alison

Skincare is my love language.

Our Products

We exclusively use professional and medical-grade skincare lines to guarantee the highest effectiveness for your skin.

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