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A bespoke skincare clinic in Downtown Santa Rosa, California

Welcome to Skin Care by Alison, where compassion meets expertise, and the ultimate goal is you loving your skin.

My specialty is in addressing aging skin concerns, calming sensitive and reactive skin, and creating a home care routine that works for you.

By attentively listening to your concerns and evaluating your skin I ensure each treatment is custom-made for the individual person and no two treatments are exactly alike.

Your treatment plan is designed to nourish and heal while your homecare rituals will enhance your in-studio treatments.

With the right products, routine, and treatment schedule, most people can achieve skin that is brighter, clearer, and more resilient.

When you partner with Skin Care by Alison, you embark on a journey towards revitalized skin that radiates health and beauty.

I appreciate you trusting me with your skin and welcome the opportunity to provide you with quality care and support.

Alison smiling while tousling her hair, wearing a cream sweater
Alison, 2022, Age 51

Our Services

Each treatment is a custom experience that addresses your specific concerns.  Learn more about our offerings here.

Our Specialty & Products

Two of my most asked questions answered:  What is your specialty and what products do you use?

About Alison

Skincare is my love language.

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