You should be confident in your esthetician’s abilities. This is Alison  WITHOUT MAKEUP, WITHOUT FILTERS . Not too bad for age 47 - what do you think?

Be confident in your esthetician’s abilities.
This is Alison,
no filters, minimal makeup (brows, mascara & lipstick only)
Not too bad for age 48 - what do you think?

Education is the key to understanding your skin.

Skin Care Treatments, Waxing, and Professional Home Care Products are not a luxury. They are a way of life for anyone who wants to look and feel their best at every age. Whatever your goal, there is a way to achieve it within the parameters of your time, lifestyle and budget.


Licensed since January, 2009, owner Alison Phillips, is passionate about skin care, being of service to her community and training her rescue dog, Rusty.

Alison loves to empower people and at Skin Care by Alison she does this by providing skin care services along with education and a home care plan tailored to each person she sees. Why? Because education is the key to understanding your skin and everyone is unique - no cookie-cutter facials here!

Alison cares about your goals and helps you achieve them. She wants to know what you would like to see when look in the mirror. For some that is to overcome acne, for others it can be slowing down the aging process or not looking so tired. She helps you achieve your goals in three ways; 1) by providing your skin exactly what it needs during your treatment and, 2) customizing a home care plan to continue reaping the benefits of your treatment, and 3) being available to you when you have questions. If you’ve been a client of hers, you know you can contact her with any question at any time.

Alison provides professional, vegan products for her client’s home use. You can’t get this from a retail store, Amazon, or one of the many multi-level-marketing companies that would have you believe otherwise. She has used the Tuel products since 2008 and knows from experience that the products are natural, effective, powerful and that Tuel always delivers on their promises.

Alison also has over 25 years of experience in accounting and can also be found working at a local non-profit that benefits her community. Did we mention she loves empowering people?

When Alison is not working she can be found on a hiking trail or the beach, likely with a camera and her faithful companion, Rusty, at her side. Alison is training Rusty to become a Canine Good Citizen and eventually a therapy dog. Rusty has had many traumas to overcome, and still has a few more, so this quest is taking time and patience.

P.S. Yes, that is Rusty posing as a spa dog in her posts. He has a lot of patience, too.