Body Treatments

Why stop at your face?  You can have soft, healthy skin with a hefty dose of relaxation.  If you have sensitive skin you are safe in selecting any service.

We do what your skin needs – always.

Back Treatment

Our back treatment focuses on deeply cleansing and hydrating the skin on your back with a heavy dose of relaxation. 

Exfoliation, extractions and remineralizing mud mask are included.

Your back will feel nourished and hydrated and your mind calm and relaxed.

Scrub & Mud

An exfoliating and remineralizing treatment for your entire body.  

We start with aromatherapy and end with a full-body hydrating serum and moisturizing lotion.


We utilize a blend of aromatherapy and energy work to calm the mind and relax the body. 

Usually touchless; you may receive one of the following if that will assist with release and relaxation:

  • Head, neck and shoulder massage
  • Hand massage or reflexology
  • Foot massage or reflexology

60-minutes, $100

60-minutes, $100

Note: All clothes are removed for this service. Only the areas being treated are exposed (similar to massage) and we treat the skin on your belly. If you are uncomfortable with any portion of treatment, let us know and we will modify accordingly.

45-minutes, $75
60-minutes, $125

Note:  Clothes are kept on during this treatment.  This treatment can be performed in person or virtually.