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Dark Spot Treatment

Right cheek before and after dark spots

Do you have dark spots (hyperpigmentation)?

I am seeing some amazing results in quickly treating hyperpigmentation with my 20Hz Vibroacoustic resonance sound therapy device.

A non-invasive treatment, it uses sound to affect change in the skin, such as restoring collagen (hello youth!), providing lymphatic drainage, and dispersing hyperpigmentation. Depending upon the cause of the hyperpigmentation, we may be able to quickly treat yours. Check out my own before and after photos. I’ve had these spots for over a decade and couldn’t make them go away until now.

Vibroacoustic is included in my Signature facial and Signature Facial with Microcurrent. In fact, vibroacoustic therapy boosts the effectiveness of microcurrent, that’s a 1-2 punch to aging!

This is a before & after without the circles in the way. You can see that, not only is the hyperpigmentation (red circle in top photo) and distended capillary (blue circle in top photo) diminished, the skin on my cheek is plumper and healthier in general.

The hyperpigmentation is an area on my right cheek that has been there, and spreading, for about 15 years.  It is an area that I have checked annually to make sure it doesn’t develop into skin cancer.  

In the photo without the circles, it is easier to see that, overall, there is less hyperpigmentation in this area.  You can also see that the distended capillary (telangictasia) is less visible.  

Lastly, the skin on my cheek is healthier, with better blood flow and the youthful thickness is being restored.

Seeing these results made me curious about pigmentation under the epidermis (the skin you see), within the dermis that is being created and hasn’t yet reached the surface.  Too bad we can’t see that, or can we?

Through the help of a Woods Lamp, we absolutely can.  

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo with the Woods Lamp in October 2021, before the first treatment.  Luckily, I had one from 2019.  

As you can see, there is less pigmentation in the dermis of my entire cheek and the spots (see the photo below with circles) I’ve been treating are diminishing.

Results will differ from person to person, and following a home care ritual is imperative if you want results.  I use a Vitamin C serum daily and make sure to apply my SPF. 

If you have hyperpigmentation and would like to know if the 20Hz Vibroacoustic can help you, I invite you to schedule a consultation.  If you want to experience the benefits of the 20Hz Vibroacoustic machine, book a Signature Facial.  

Click here to schedule your appointment.

The 20Hz Pro is a professional device that delivers acoustic percussion, allowing licensed practitioners to sculpt, drain, calm, correct and rejuvenate the skin and body.

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