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You choose the focus and amount of time based on your needs.  Each facial is personalized to you so no matter which service you choose, it will always be the right one.  If you have sensitive skin you are safe in selecting any facial, we’ve got you covered.  

Focus Options:  Age Management     Relaxation     Acne Management     Unsure where to start

We do what your skin needs – always.

Signature Facial

Focus:  Age Management (client favorite!)

Are you ready to GLOW?

Designed for the person with dull, tired, aging skin in need of a pick-me-up. Your skin will be nourished and plumped with our custom blend of masks and serums. Lots of hydration and relaxing massage are included to help you get your glow on and start turning back the clock (or, at least slow it down).

Modalities used may include: Aromatherapy, Fascial Contouring Massage, LED Light Therapy, NeurotriS microcurrent, Oxygenating treatment, Vibroacoustic, Ultrasonic

  • Signature Facial, 50-minutes, $145
  • Signature + Microcurrent, 80-minutes, $195

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20Hz Pro Vibroacoustic Therapy

Focus:  Age Management, targeted treatment

With the 20Hz Pro we can address hyperpigmentation (dark spots), drain the lymphatic system, firm, lift, and plump the skin. 

This treatment is focused on the use of the 20Hz Pro and is not a full facial. We begin with a deep pore cleanse, apply a personalized combination of treatment serums and creams, then provide the 20Hz treatment.

  • 20Hz Treatment I, 30 minutes, $110 (prepay a series of 6, $625)
  • 20Hz Treatment II, 50 minutes, $200 (prepay a series of 6, $1,140)

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Focus:  Age Management, targeted treatment

Microcurrent facial toning re-educates the facial muscles & restores them back to their original shape. The visible results can be quite dramatic & the face is lifted, firmed & toned giving you a more youthful appearance.

This treatment is focused on the use of the microcurrent and is not a full facial. We cleanse the skin, apply treatment serums, and perform microcurrent. Please arrive hydrated. 

***Note:  If you are not hydrated it will take longer for your skin to respond, if at all.  We may need to perform a series of regular facials to restore and prepare your skin for microcurrent.***  Additional information can be found here under our Modalities page.

  • $110 per session
  • Prepay a series of 6, $540

Boost your results at home with the NeurotriS Pico Toner.   Click here to purchase.  When you purchase through our affiliate link, you’ll be eligible for a 30-minute consultation where we help train you how to use your device.  This may be used in conjunction with a series or on your own.

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Restore, Renew, Relax Facial

Focus:  Relaxation

I designed this facial for the person who is stressed out, overworked, and in desperate need of deep relaxation. This facial is like hitting the master reset button: Restoring your skin, Renewing your mind, Relaxing your body.

We use everything in our toolkit: head & neck massage, reflexology, cranial-sacral holds, aromatherapy, deep breathing. We can even get a little woo-woo if that’s your jam (think crystals, oracle cards, guided meditation). You still get all the deep cleansing benefits of my other facials, however, extractions are kept to a minimum so you aren’t pulled out of your deep, restorative trance.

Modalities used may include:  Aromatherapy, Fascial Contouring Massage

  • 80 minutes, $185

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Clear Skin Facial

Focus:  Acne management

Designed for those with acne, blackheads and congestion. Your skin will be deeply cleansed and calmed. Our signature combination of enzymes and soundwave technology make extractions a breeze. A custom blended finishing mask designed to detoxify, heal and soothe will leave you looking radiant and never picked, swollen or red.

Modalities used may include: High Frequency, LED Light Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Oxygenating treatment, Ultrasonic

  • Clear Skin Facial, 50-minutes, $145
  • Mini Clear Skin Facial, 30-minutes, $85 (perfect for teens!)

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European Facial

Focus:  Unsure where to start?  Begin here

Designed to deeply cleanse and nourish your skin using a custom blend of professional products. Perfect for the person new to skin care or those simply needing a little skin care TLC. Using our magic wands (a.k.a. our hands) and massage techniques this facial will leave you feeling and looking relaxed, nourished and vibrant.

Modalities include: Aromatherapy, Ultrasonic

  • European Facial, 50-minutes, $125
  • Mini European Facial, 30-minutes, $85

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Add Ons

Add-ons must be booked with a facial service; these are not stand-alone treatments.

  • Relaxing Scalp Massage, $30
    Designed to reduce stress & relax your body.  With a blend of massage and cranial-sacral holds you are brought into a state of deep relaxation.

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