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February Product of the Month

Deep Pore Cleansing Duo’s are February’s Product of the Month – at 15% off!

This 2-step cleansing system deeply cleans your pores while hydrating you skin.  I haven’t found any other cleanser that works the way the Tuel Deep Pore Cleansing Duo does and leaves your skin feeling so good.  Over half of new clients often state, “Wow, my skin feels better already!” right after I’ve performed the deep cleanse with this duo.  

When you deeply cleanse your skin, serums, creams and masks perform better and makeup sits better on your skin.  

  • Step 1: The oil bonds with the ‘debris of the day’ – makeup, sweat, dead skin.   
  • Step 2: The herbal toner makes the oil water soluble while hydrating your skin at the same time 

There is a formulation for everyone; each formula contains botanicals suited for that skin type:

  • Detox / Acne skin
  • Calm / Sensitive & Reactive skin
  • Moisture / Dry (lacking oil) and Dehydrated (lacking water) skin
  • Balance / Combination and Oily skin
  • Rescue / Aging skin (40+)

Personally, I use Rescue in fall and winter and Moisture in the spring and summer months.  Pick up yours today, we’re open Tuesday thru Saturday, click here to schedule a Product Pick-up Appointment to have a private shopping experience.

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