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Guest Contributor: Is My Wax Lady Judging My Bits?

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I loved what my esthetician friend, Cricket, had to say about this topic so much that I thought I would simply share her words.

Click here to be taken to Cricket’s original blog post and check out what more she has to say on the topic of waxing.

Thank you Cricket, for letting your Beauty Biz sisters share.

What I cannot emphasize more is that my studio is a safe space for every person to come in, be 100% themselves.

Is My Wax Lady Judging My Bits?
By Cricket Enos

I have been doing this for 17 years.  I’ve seen just about every size shape and configuration of the genital areas that there are.  I often joke with my clients that I see more than there OBGYN.

Many people are hesitant to get waxed “down there” for fear of having their bits judged.  I’m here to tell you, no one is judging your bits.  We are too busy looking at your hair.  

Sure, we see ALL of it, but our main focus is on the hair and how to best remove it in the most comfortable and expeditious fashion possible. While making you feel so comfortable you forget where you are and that you are half naked. 

It’s not uncommon, especially for first time waxers to feel insecure about baring it all for a total stranger. It’s intimidating to drop your drawers and put the jewels on display in hopes that they will be well received. 

Fear not.  We are not comparing yours to anyone else’s.  We don’t have a tally sheet and there’s no side betting going on to see who’s is the best, worst or most unusual.  We don’t hold an award ceremony, or hand out gold stars. 

We are honesty just looking at the hair as it is attached to the different structures, so that we know, which direction it’s growing in, how thick or fine it is, how long it is and how much of it we have to work with.  And we are also looking at the skin to make sure it’s in good condition to be waxed so that we don’t cause any undue irritation. 

We don’t care how many crunches you do or don’t do.  Wether you shaved your legs or not. If you’re in need of a pedicure.  What color your underwear is, or that you don’t wear underwear.  But we actually love when you are wearing your “I’ve got to do my laundry nickers”, those are always interesting. 

We are really just there to wax your hair. 

We know it can be a scary position to be in.  We want you to feel comfortable, safe and cared for when you are in our treatment room lying half naked on our bed. We are a safe space. 

Cricket is a waxing educator, product creator, speaker, author & licensed esthetician.  She can be reached at

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