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Winter Holiday 2021

Holiday 2021 gift bundles

First, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Skin Care by Alison since we moved to Santa Rosa in February 2019 – especially through the craziness of the last (almost) two years.  An especially grateful thank you to all my Napa clients who continue to travel here for their treatments.  

This holiday season I’m aiming to make your gift giving easy.  I’ve put together gift bundles based on skin type so you have an easy grab-and-go buying option.  

If you would like a curated gift, tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll put together a custom bundle sure to surprise and delight the recipient. 

No matter what you choose, you can personalize your gift further by adding a gift certificate for a facial treatment that is customized for their skin’s needs and concerns.

Pro gifting tip:  The key to getting exactly what you want is to tell your person.  Send your spouse/partner in and tell them which bundle you want by color and if you want a gift certificate for a service. 

Bonus: If you’ve had a facial with us, I will pull your chart and direct your person on which products would be perfect for you.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are:

  • Quick, convenient, personalized
  • Always in stock
  • Always the right size
  • Never expire

You can purchase online (click here) or in person.


Grab-And-Go Holiday Bundles

Grab-and-go Holiday Bundles are available now through December 31, 2021.

Available for Mature, Dry, Acne, Combination, and Oily Skin, each bundle includes a cleanser, treatment mask, moisturizing cream, and lip balm.

The bundles are color-coded to make the selection even easier.  The bundle prices reflect a 20% discount on the products they contain.  Products are from Tuel and Le Mieux. 

Gift bundle mature skin

Mature Skin, a.k.a. “The Red One”

This kit is perfect for those 40+ folks who need a bit more hydration and nourishment.

  • Cleanser:  Beat The Clock
  • Mask:  Le Mieux Bio Cell+ Sheet Mask 4-pack
  • Moisturizer: Rescue Cream
  • Sale price:  $100+tax (regular price $128)
skin care products

Dry Skin, a.k.a. “The Yellow One”

This kit is for those with dry skin (lacking oil).  If the person in your life complains their skin feels tight, dry, or itchy, this is the kit for them.

  • Cleanser:  Say Goodbye to Dry
  • Mask:  Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Sheet Mask 4-pack
  • Moisturizer: Moisture Cream
  • Sale price:  $80+tax (regular price $101)

Acne Skin, a.k.a. “The Green One”

If you know someone struggling with acne, they’ll be grateful for this kit. 

If your person complains that acne washes irritate their skin, let me know because they likely have dry skin acne (60% of acne sufferers have dry skin, not oily).  Dry skin acne needs the Clear As Day cleanser and we are happy to make the switch.

  • Cleanser:  Let’s Be Clear Here (for oily skin acne) or Clear As Day (for dry skin acne)
  • Mask:  Detox
  • Moisturizer: Make Amends Cream
  • Treatment:  Clear It Blemish Control Gel
  • Sale price:  $116+tax (regular price $146)

Combination & Oily Skin, a.k.a. “The Blue One”

This kit is for those who need some balance (of oil) in their life. The Balance mask is like a smoothie for your face, helping to control oil without drying out the skin.

For those with combination skin, request the blue one with Balancing Act cleanser.  For those with oily skin, request the blue one with Control Yourself cleanser.

  • Cleanser:  Control Yourself or Balancing Act
  • Mask:  Balance Superfood Mask
  • Moisturizer: Balance Cream
  • Sale price:  $100+tax (regular price $126)

Curated Bundles

If you’re looking for a personalized gift for that special someone, pop into Skin Care by Alison or send me an email.  I’ll ask questions to discover what you’re looking for and personalize a bundle just for you.  Bundles containing three (3) or more products enjoy a 20% discount now through December 31, 2021.

Dedicated Shopping Nights – Every Wednesday in December

We are joining The Annex in a “Bubbles & Browse” event every Wednesday in December from 5pm-7pm. 

The Annex has an eclectic selection with something sure to please everyone. Select Annex products will be on sale for 20% off, with different featured products each week.

I’ll be extending 20% off my products during the shopping event.  Note, this excludes already discounted products.

bubbles and browse

Extended Saturday Hours

Saturdays have been filling up fast so I’ve decided to extend Saturday hours.

Saturday hours are now from 9am-4pm. 

2022 Preview

I have some exciting new things planned for 2022 that include bringing in beautiful new products and modalities.

  • Corneotherapy: For 14 years my skin care practice has been focused on restoring health to the skin.  Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about a new term coined “corneotherapy.”  Corneotherapy is described as a skin treatment methodology with its core principle being the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defense systems.  This resonates with my clincial-holistic approach to your care and I’ll be checking out more training on this specific topic. 
  • 20Hz Vibroacoustic: Since introducing this device in October 2021 the feedback has been awesome.  Everyone has loved having this included in their treatment.  I’m continuing to use the vibroacoustic therapy with any 60-minute facial during the rest of 2021.  In 2022 this modality will be available with the Signature Facial.  I’m also working on creating a 30-minute Vibroacoustic treatment and I’ll be testing that out on a few lucky souls before adding it to the menu.  Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter so you stay in the loop.
  • Osmosis Skincare: I’m always looking to elevate your care and experience.  Osmosis Beauty offers a collection of clinical holistic skincare, unique internal wellness therapies, and pharmaceutical-grade mineral makeup. They take an innovative approach by treating skin conditions at the source delivering permanent change to the skin and body. Osmosis’ holistic meets clinical philosophy closely matches my own and I’m looking at bringing in much of their line. Osmosis is a clean, fragrance-free line focused on the health of the skin and obtaining results.  More info to come in early 2022.
  • Tuel Skincare:  Always close to my heart, the Tuel line will continue to be in use in my skincare clinic.  To ensure I always have the freshest product available, the best sellers will be kept in stock, all others will become special order items.  Not to worry, Tuel is a local Bay Area company and I can get products quickly.  I’ll list the stock and special order items in a future post.  
  • Le Mieux Skincare: The sheet masks have been so popular, I’ll be keeping these in stock. 

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