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How do you know if a product is right for you?

Hi folks, I hope you are all staying healthy and in good spirits. While in-person services are on hold, I am providing online consultations, virtual facials and I just got a fresh batch of products for your pampering pleasure. Email, call or text to schedule an online session or purchase products.

Cutting Through the Skin Care Noise

I keep seeing articles in my news feed boasting that “this product” will clear your acne once and for all, or “that product” is the cure for aging skin; and the words “life changing” usually appear in the first paragraph. Sound familiar?

What is missing from these articles is the emphasis that the products work great for that specific person. How many times have you see an article or ad, purchased the product and ended up disappointed? I sure have, many times – haven’t we all? The disappointing results range from no change to completely wrecking your skin. Continuing to buy products hoping it will work for you not only wastes your money, it wastes your time and it damages your skin in the long run. If you’re like me, you don’t like wasting your time, money or damaging your skin.

Save Your Time, Money and Skin

The good news is you have me, your go-to skin care gal, to turn to with all your product questions. While I am not versed in every skin care product line out there, I know ingredients and I know what will work best for you. When I recommend a product for you, I take a lot of things into consideration: your skin type, the condition being treated, allergies, just to name a few. I could go on, but you would be asleep in mere seconds.

If there is a skin care product or device you are interested in, feel free to contact me with the info. I’ll take a look and let you know my thoughts. I believe that you should be happy with your products, your skin and that you get the results you deserve. If you have not yet been in for a facial we will need to do a complimentary consultation prior to my recommendation so I can better serve you. Email me to book your time.

Is This #AlisonApproved

I have a social media challenge for you to help you find out which products are #AlisonApproved.

  1. Post a skin care product or device that you are curious about on Instagram or Facebook
  2. Tag me @SkinCareByAlison and use the hashtag #AlisonApproved.
  3. I’ll answer online and may feature your question on my Instagram and Facebook feeds (with your permission of course!).
Alison at Tuel HQ, May, 2019

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