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June Products of the Month

Photo containing all Tuel serums; from left to right Hydrate, Absorb, C Power, U Turn, Rehab, and Power Peel

Meet Your Glow Squad

Fueled by their incredibly high level of actives, serums are the most effective part of your skincare routine, improving skin tone and texture at the molecular level.

Our professional and medical-grade products, where 10% of the formula is active ingredients, is unmatched by anything over the counter (OTC).  

OTC products (at places such as Target, Ulta, Sephora, department stores, grocery stores, or MLM companies) can only max out at 2% of the formula being active.  

A higher percentage of active ingredients is why our products can actually improve your skin rather than masking a condition or simply feeling good when it is applied.

If you’re new to Skin Care by Alison, we recommend you schedule a consultation prior to purchasing.  During the consultation we will assess your skin, discuss your needs, and make sure you’re purchasing a product that will work for you.

Absorb (Tuel)
Oil Control & Hydration
Skin Type: Combination & Oily

C Power (Tuel)
Treat dark spots, firming
Skin Type: All 

Catalyst AC-11 (OsmosisMD)
DNA Repair, firming
Skin Type: All 

Clear It (Tuel)
Blemish/Acne Control
Skin Type: All

Hydrate (Tuel)
Superior hydration
Skin Type: Dry, dehydrated, mature

Rehab (Tuel)
Acne healing serum
Skin Type: Acne

Replenish (OsmosisMD)
Blemish Control, acne treatment
Skin Type: Acne

Rescue (OsmosisMD)
Epidermal Repair serum
Skin Type: All 

StemFactor (OsmosisMD)
Growth Factor Serum
Skin Type: All 

U Turn (Tuel)
Firming peptide sesrum
Skin Type: Mature

Serums that increase cellular turnover (exfoliation) and promote healthy skin

Calm (OsmosisMD)
0.0375% Retinaldehyde
Skin type: Mature

Correct (OsmosisMD)
0.075% Retinaldehyde
Skin type: Mature

Renew (OsmosisMD)
0.15% Retinaldehyde
Skin type: Mature

Power Peel (Tuel)
Refining glycolic gel

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