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My Holistic Approach to Skincare

My Holistic Approach to Skincare

I’m working on keeping these short and sweet. I am happy to address your specific questions directly over zoom or with a physically distanced outside visit.

Recently someone asked why my intake form has so many personal questions. The answer? What determines the health of our skin – and the rest of our bodies – is our lifestyle and environment. Your diet, how you handle stress, the amount of exercise you get, habits, medications, mindset – it all plays a part. Oh, and let’s not forget the candles on your cake. Now you may be thinking, where does skin care come in and why are regular facials important?

 Why Regular Facials Are Important

No matter what – your body will age, and it begins slowing down around age 30. As we age, we may need dietary supplements. I know my vitamin and mineral supplement collection is growing the closer I get to the big 5-0. Skin care is the same thing; you’re supplementing what your body isn’t able to produce or your lifestyle is depleting at a rate faster than your body can replenish. If you’ve worked with me on clearing acne, you know that we take a deep dive into your diet, but that’s another discussion.

Regular facials and home care work hand-in-hand. I am trained to see and feel what is happening in your skin. Think of your facial as a power-boost of nutrients to your skin and what you do at home is how you maintain those benefits. After all, you get regular teeth cleanings at the dentist and you brush your teeth daily, right? As your needs change over time i make adjustments to your treatment and home care so that you stay looking and feeling your best at every age. Bonus: the relaxation benefits of a facial help you release tension and stress. It’s a win-win-win.

That’s it for today. As always, stay hydrated and wear your sunscreen.

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