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You have questions, I've got answers...

Alison, what’s your specialty?

I’m most passionate about:

  • Treating sensitive and reactive skin
  • Addressing aging skin concerns
  • Treating mature skin (peri & menopausal skin)
  • Relaxation & activating the vagus nerve
  • Cutting through marketing hype and providing products that work for you
  • Coaching you on how to pick the best products for your skin now & in the future.

Treatment Products

In my treatments I use Tuel, Circadia, Viktoria DeAnn, and DMK Enzyme products. 

Why do I use multiple lines?
The main line I use is Tuel.  Their deep pore cleansing duos are like nothing you’ve ever experienced and their cleansers, exfoliants, serums, essential oils, and masks consistently deliver the expected results.  

I utilize specific products from Circadia and Viktoria DeAnn that allow me to target your specific concerns and create a truly unique treatment like nothing you’ve experienced elsewhere.  The DMK products are used exclusively in the DMK Enzyme treatment.

All product lines utilized by Skin Care by Alison consist of professional and medical-grade products.  They are strong, concentrated, and deliver results.  


Home Care Products

I fully believe that your home care products work for you. And just like any employee, if they aren’t performing, they need to be let go.

The Butterfly Effect: Small Changes Lead to Big Results

Homecare prescriptions are based on your skin type and the conditions we’re treating. 

I have found that small changes lead to big results.  By keeping the changes small you are more likely to be consistent in your routine, never feel overwhelmed, and see results sooner.


I love removing the “overwhelm” from taking care of your skin.  

For your first appointment, schedule the New Client Facial.  This appointment includes time for a consultation and your deeply nourishing facial.  

Once I know your concerns and watched how your skin interacted with my products, I’ll be able to advise on the frequency and length of future facial treatments plus provide you with a home care plan that works specifically for you.

There are many factors that cause dry, flakey, easily irritated skin. 

We will talk about how you currently care for your skin, the temperature of the water you use to cleanse your skin, what your diet looks like (a typical day of food intake), any health issues, medications, even your stress levels.  Why?  Because all of this affects the health of your skin.  The more I know, the better I can help you.

Your best option is to schedule a consultation where we discuss your sensitivities and allergies and I’ll perform a skin analysis. 

Consultations are typically 30-minutes in length and include a skin analysis.

On the day of your consultation, come in with your skin cleansed and without makeup.  I’ll also ask you to complete a Facial Intake & Consent Form so I have as much information as possible to help you.

We will talk about what is currently occurring in your skin, your allergies, and I’ll let you know if I can help or if you’ll be best served by a dermatologist.

Chemical peels are a nice exfoliation tool in the skin care world, and one of many methods I utilize. 

Chemical peels are a controlled wound on your skin and should only be applied by a trained professional.  

Before I say yes to a chemical peel:  We’ll discuss your current home care routine, use of SPF, and how your skin handles wounds.  I’ll also need to assess your skin and determine if a peel would benefit you or not. 

Typically your first facial will not include a peel because I’ll be watching how your skin interacts with products, including gentle exfoliation.  I have many methods of exfoliation in my toolkit and I’ll be sure to use the one that is best suited to your skin and needs.

Stress affects our skin more than we realize, and having a relaxation goal is a great way to care for your skin – and your mind!

If you’re happy with your  current homecare products and you simply want to relax, skip the “new client” section and look under the “Personalized Facial Experiences” section.  

A rough texture usually indicates a compromised barrier and we’ll need to work together to repair.  

The most common cause of roughness is using products not suited to your skin type. We’ve been taught that our skin should be “squeaky clean” and that just isn’t the case.  A healthy barrier is a fine layer of oil on your skin and two of its main functions are keeping the proper amount of water in your skin and supporting your immune system.  If your barrier is compromised it won’t matter how much water you drink in a day, your skin will be dehydrated.

The best way to set yourself up for success is to schedule a New Client Facial.  This will give you the home-care tools to heal your barrier quickly.

All of my facials are personalized to the person receiving them and the age of your skin is a factor in your treatment whether your 16 or 60.  

I have a 30-minute facial option and I work on the face only.  This is a great way to introduce your teen to self-care.  You’ll need to contact me directly to schedule.

If your teen is OK with a longer treatment and one that includes the face, neck, and décolleté (I always ask before the first treatment for all guests), we can start with a 60-minute facial.

Prior to beginning a treatment, I demonstrate on myself the areas where I’ll be working and ask your teen for permission.  If your teen is uncomfortable with the neck and/or décolleté areas being touched, I’ll modify the facial to only include areas with consent (face only or face and neck only).  

Parents must remain in the room during their child’s treatment

I can help with some types of acne, but not all. Another item to note is that for acne clients, facial massage is gentle and kept to the application of products only.  

Acne Grades I through IV: If you’re digging my vibe and want to work with me, I can certainly help. 

After your first facial, if I feel that you’ll be best served by a “Face Reality” trained esthetician, I’ll let you know.  Face Reality is a specialized acne training program and I’ve seen amazing results that my colleagues have shared. 

Cystic acne:  Cystic acne requires a dermatologist’s involvement.  With your dermatologist’s permission, I can provide support in calming inflammation and will use oxygen and/or high frequency treatments to eliminate bacteria.  I will work within the guidelines provided by your doctor.

Fungal acne:  Fungal acne requires a dermatologist. Healing fungal acne requires prescription products that only a medical doctor can provide.

I can help with blackheads and clogged pores (often mistaken for blackheads). 

I have multiple tools at my disposal that help relieve some of the discomfort of extractions, including using a special solution to soften the impactions, and ultrasonic and vaccuum devices.

With blackheads and clogged pores, I’ll make three passes.  If the debris does not come out after that, I’ll send you home with a homecare routine that will help soften and make your next appointment easier.  Why only three passes?  I’ve found that more than that is too traumatizing to your skin and your nervous system.  Healthy skin is a marathon, not a sprint.

The DMK Enzyme facial is a phenomenal treatment.

This treatment can be intense, from the warming enzyme exfoliant that uses cinnamon to increase heat in your skin, to the pumping action of the enzyme mask. 

If this is your first appointment with me, please select the consultation and DMK Enzyme treatment so that we have enough time for your consultation.

The mask alone takes a full 45-minutes to set up and it can take another 15-minutes for mask removal – and the results are worth it!

For best results, opt for taking home the after care products (30-day supply, additional charge applies).

Short answer:  Maybe.  I like to honor the investment you’ve already made in your skin.

Keep in mind, everyone is different and once I’ve reviewed your current products and performed your first facial, I’ll have a better picture of whether or not your current products are working to your benefit. 

So, I’m going to ask that you be open to the possibility of trying something new. 

If your current products are working for you, I won’t change a thing.  However, if they aren’t, I’ll be sure to let you know which products will work for you and why I’m recommending them.

I’ll only advise you stop using a product immediately if it is actually harming your skin.

Should you need a change in your routine, Skin Care by Alison not only offers the highest quality of products, I’ll let you know the when, why, and how to use them so your skin looks and feels radiant.