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Osmosis MD Ch-ch-ch-changes

five bottles of the Osmosis MD line. Black bottles with copper accents and lettering

New MD Advanced Collection

Osmosis has made a few changes to its products and their availability.

The MD Advanced collection is now exclusively available through licensed professionals, including us, Skin Care by Alison. 

Polish, Remedy, and Renew are now only produced for the MD Advanced collection.

Catalyst, Correct, Replenish, Rescue, and StemFactor now have two formulations.  An OTC (over-the-counter) formulation that is less potent and has a different ingredient deck, and an MD Advanced formulation. 

All MD Advanced formulations are exclusively available through licensed professionals.

How does this affect you?

The OTC formulations are less potent than the MD Advanced formulas. 

To continue receiving the awesome benefits of the MD Advanced formulas, you’ll need to purchase through Skin Care by Alison or another licensed professional who carries Osmosis MD Advanced collection.

The good news…

If you’ve been purchasing through Skin Care by Alison, you’ve already been receiving the MD Advanced version of the Osmosis products.  In addition, Correct, Renew, and StemFactor now have an enhanced formulation.  You’ll know if you have an enhanced formulation if you have a black bottle with copper accents (the former formulation is in a cream bottle with copper accents).  

The MD Advanced rebrand became available on August 1, 2023 and you’ll begin seeing changes on our shelves soon.  

In other Osmosis news, Purify cleanser is also getting a formulation change and is expected to be out of stock for 4 to 6 weeks.

The bad news…

If you have been purchasing Polish, Remedy, or Renew through the Osmosis website, these products will no longer be available once sold out.  If you have been purchasing Catalyst AC-11 (now Catalyst), Correct, Replenish, Rescue, or StemFactor through the Osmosis website, these will have lower potency.  

Below is a chart for side-by-side comparison of the retail and MD Advanced lines.  Following the chart are info cards for each of the products showcasing their new MD Advanced packaging. 

We are updating our online store to reflect the changes.  The products will re-appear on the site once they are updated.  For products that do not have a formulation change, current stock is in old packaging while supplies last.  The product descriptions will include old or new packaging, availability, and order status where applicable.  

If you have questions about the Osmosis MD Advanced line, how to purchase, or skincare in general, click here to send us an email.

Osmosis Advanced MD Products at a glance chart
Image of Osmosis MD Stemfactor (black bottle with copper lettering)
Image of Osmosis MD Renew (black bottle with copper lettering)
Image of Osmosis MD Correct (black bottle with copper lettering)
Image of Osmosis MD Rescue (black bottle with copper lettering)
Image of Osmosis MD Polish (black bottle with copper lettering)
Image of Osmosis MD Remedy (black bottle with copper lettering)
Image of Osmosis MD Catalyst (black bottle with copper lettering)
Image of Osmosis MD Replenish (black bottle with copper lettering)

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