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Dirty Little Secrets

Hand holding Daily Protect sunscreen

Like everyone else, I have a dirty little secret. Are you ready? The thing I am most likely to forget in my personal routine is sunscreen. Yes, I totally get the irony. For me, this tends to happen when I’m rushing. Last year I gave myself a ‘No Rushing” policy and it has helped tremendously.

Many of us didn’t grow up being taught to apply sunscreen before going outside. And none of us were taught the need to wear it inside. In fact, my family was the opposite; the darker, the better. Hello, Hawaiian Tropic Extra Dark Coconut oil. Do they still make that? 5-year-old Alison loved the scent, mostly because it signaled pool time.

If you have trouble remembering your sunscreen, try connecting it with a habit you already have & keep a spare on hand. You might try:

  • Place it next to your toothbrush or coffee maker. Just don’t use it to brush your teeth or flavor your coffee.
  • Keep a spare bottle in your purse/bag, work desk, or your car’s glove box.

How do you make sure a new habit sticks?  Leave a reply below or send me an email.

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What’s Next

  • I’ll be closed on Saturday, September 4th in observance of Labor Day.



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