Your time is precious, you deserve more than just a facial or treatment.  It is my mission to give you a holistic mind and body experience, like no other.

Why choose Skin Care by Alison:

  • You want calm, healthy skin, and deep relaxation for a calm mind and body to match.
  • You want to feel better when you leave than when you arrived.
  • You need a treatment that works for your specific concerns.
  • You’re tired of wasting money on products that don’t work for you.
  • You don’t want to be sold to while on the spa table (we have this in common).
  • You want, and deserve, results.

What to expect with Skin Care by Alison:

  • The time listed for each service is the time we spend on your treatment.  Expect to spend an additional 15-20 minutes with us beyond your treatment time to allow for Q&A and to discuss your skin care needs, goals, and home care  We believe you deserve the full treatment time.
  • Our intake form asks about your skin, products used and lifestyle because these affect the health of your skin (lifestyle includes diet, stress levels, and how much you move).  
  • If all you want is to relax, let us know and we will turn up the relaxation and hold off on the skin care talk until after your treatment.
  • Professional, vegan products that are customized to your skin’s needs.  
  • When you have questions on skin care products & tools, you can always text or email your questions.  While it is impossible to be well versed with the thousands of skin care lines on the market, we are experts on ingredients and skin types/conditions.  We’ll look up the ingredient deck of the product or the tool and let you know if it will work specifically for you.  You can also tag us on social media and ask is this #AlisonApproved

We do what your skin needs – always.

You deserve clean, calm, healthy skin and a treatment customized for your needs.

Professional, vegan, natural products; you’re worth it! 

Why stop at your face?

You deserve whole body skin care with our professional, vegan, natural products.

You deserve the best.

At Skin Care by Alison, you can expect to have a clean, friendly & sanitary environment for all your waxing needs. 

Unique beauty times call for unique beauty measures. 

Get healthy, glowing skin even when you can’t make it in for a treatment.