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I do what your skin needs, always.

The transformation you want is possible and we’ll work together to help you achieve it.  I provide results-focused treatments and home care plans that are reasonable, doable, and grounded in science.

Personalized Facial Experiences

Our facials are personalized for you at every session.  Whether you have acne, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, want to age slowly, or dial back the sun damage, we’re here to provide you with treatments and home care that delivers results.  I’ll assess your skin and determine the best course of treatment and home care to help you have the healthy, vibrant skin you deserve.

A few things I know for sure are:

  1. You don’t want to make a ton of decisions before, during, or after your treatment.
  2. You need a facial treatment that works for your specific concerns.
  3. You want, and deserve, results.

Since we love making your life easy, our menu is clear and simple:

  • You pick a facial based on the amount of time you wish to be pampered.  More time = more skincare TLC.
  • I use everything in my toolkit to develop a treatment and home care plan based on easing your concerns.
  • We partner together to improve the health and beauty of your skin.

Custom Facial
60 minutes, $135

This facial is perfect for the person starting their skincare journey, simply needing to relax, or who “just wants a facial.” But be aware – this is more than just a facial, this is an experience. We incorporate face, neck, and shoulder massage help calm your mind while supporting your skin. You can expect to be hydrated, relaxed, and glowing when you’re done.

Modalities Include: Aromatherapy, Enzymes, Facial Massage & Cupping, Galvanic, Gua Sha, High Frequency, LED Light, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, 20Hz Pro for contouring & detoxifying, Ultrasonic

Signature Facial
75 minutes, $155
Deluxe, 90 minutes, $200

We use everything in our toolkit to enhance your skin’s health and give you a radiant glow. Along with customizing your treatment, your skin will be hydrated and balanced plus the lymphatic drainage gives your skin a firmer, lifted, and youthful appearance.  More than ‘just a facial,’ this is an experience. Can include my special Relaxing Scalp Massage that borders on making you forget your name.

More time provides more skincare TLC.

Modalities Include: Aromatherapy, Enzymes, Facial Massage & Cupping, Galvanic, Gua Sha, High Frequency, LED Light, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Microcurrent, Osmosis Non-Chemical Peel, Oxygenating Treatment, 20Hz Pro for contouring & detoxifying, Ultrasonic

Body Treatments

Back Treatment
50-minutes, $125

Treat your back, and yourself, to an extremely hydrating experience. In addition to a deep pore cleanse and exfoliation, you’ll enjoy serums, masks and a botanical lotion to nurture and hydrate this often neglected area.

Body Glow
60-minutes, $155

From your shoulders to your feet, your skin will be pampered and hydrated with this unique treatment.  We start with a scrub, then apply a detoxifying mud mask, and round out this treatment with a hydrating serum and botanical lotion.  You’ll be amazed at how soft and hydrated your skin is after this treatment.

Waxing / Hair Removal Services

At Skin Care by Alison, you can expect to have a clean, friendly and sanitary environment for all your waxing needs.  I have honed my technique over the last 14+ years to provide you with a less painful waxing experience.  After waxing I apply a combination of post-wax products to ward off breakouts, ingrown hairs, and calm your skin so you never have that “just waxed” look when you leave.

Hair Length:  Ideal hair length is 1/4″ to 3/4″  Any shorter and there may not be enough hair for the wax to grab.  Any longer and you risk heightened pain/discomfort, longer process time, more post-wax irritation.  If hair is too long we will trim (additional charge). 

Face Waxing

  • Chin, $15
  • Eyebrows, $20
  • Lip, $15
  • Combination: Eyebrow-Lip-Chin, $45

Body Waxing

  • Under arms, $25
  • Bikini, $45-$65