Face Waxing
Eyebrows*, $15-$25
Lip, $15
Chin, 15
Beard, $35-$55
Nostrils, $15
Ears, $15

Body Waxing
Under arms, $25-$35
Chest, $45-$65
Back, $45-$65
Legs, half, $45-$65
Legs, full, $65-$85

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*Eyebrow waxing: I take the shape of your eyebrow from the upper line of your brow. If you wish to block them in with a pencil and powder, the eyebrow wax will give you a clean palate to work from.

I do not block eyebrows, I believe that mother nature gives us the shape that fits each of our individual faces. Trends change over time, sticking with your natural shape is always a win.